Irish Water reduces water pressure to Limerick Estates

By Sarah O’Brien

Reduced water pressure in Limerick estates leaves families unable to use washing machines and showers. Fianna Fail councillor James Collins has been working in conjunction with the Slugaire Residents Committee to restore the water pressure in the estate.

The pipes under the section of road between the motor tax office at Lissanalta House and the Crescent Comprehensive are ‘piecemeal’ and have burst 5 times over the past 18 months causing serious flooding.

”Irish Water reduced the water pressure to the area to prevent the pipes from bursting again instead of just fixing the problem”, Mr.Collins said.

This reduction in pressure has affected many estates on the Dooradoyle road from Slugaire over as far as Aisling Heights.

”Irish Water are the worst organisation I’ve ever dealt with from a consumer point of view,” the Fianna Fail councillor James added.

Slugaire resident Colette Potter, shares her home with her elderly mother and special needs daughter Anna (17).They struggle to use their shower because the water pressure is so poor.

”It goes from one extreme to another, the pressure would go so bad you could only get a trickle out of it”, Colette explained.

Some of the residents of Slugaire had even purchased new washing machines, dishwashers and showers believing that to be the problem until they realised that there was no water coming out at times and at best very low water pressure.

Another resident Bernie Harrison and her three children can’t even use their toilet properly and have given up completely on using the dishwasher because there isn’t enough water coming through the pipes.

”It’s a disgrace, I can’t believe Irish Water are getting away with it, it’s a criminal what they’re doing to us, these are third world conditions!”, Ms. Harrison said.

According to the residents Clare county council have been draughted in by Irish Water to help increase the water pressure in the area. Irish Water gave no comment at time of going to press.


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