RTE Royalty Visits the University of Limerick

Celebrated Presenter and Newly Appointed Adjunct Journalism Professor gives Broadcasting Master Class, writes Sarah O’Brien.

RTE Royalty, Bryan Dobson visited the University of Limerick today to give Journalism students a master class in interviewing, radio and reporting skills.

This comes after the six-one news co-anchor was made an adjunct professor of Journalism in UL last June.

The day was split into two sections with the first half consisting of an interviewing session with Fianna Fail TD Willie O’Dea and the latter an intimate session in UL’s newsroom with 2nd year Journalism and New Media students.

Though a television anchor Professor Dobson holds a special place in his heart for radio.

”There is something about radio that makes you feel like you are there, it’s intimate.. radio can’t be beaten really,” he commented.

The Dublin native stressed the importance of students learning to be versatile by saying: ”More and more what’s happening in journalism across the board is this convergence of skills, you really need to have a range of skills.”

Mr Dobson also commented on the differences between Television journalism and radio saying: ”Radio is a wonderful, powerful medium.. putting a microphone in front of someone is far less intrusive(than a Television camera)”.

Over the course of the workshop students listened to several RTE radio packages, including some of Dobson’s own work covering the 2014 Pre-Centenary event in Liege Belgium which marked the 100th anniversary of WW1.

”There is a thin line between commemoration and celebration”, Dobson warned saying that there was an onus on him as a journalist to be careful not to glorify the event which claimed the lives of 200,000 Irish men and to always be as ”accurate as possible”.

The father of two explained to students the need for a journalist to get out there and find the story. ”You do journalism by getting out and meeting people, if you put yourself in the way of it you’ll find stuff,” Mr.Dobson said.

Professor Dobson started off his career working at pirate radio station Radio Nova before taking up a position presenting a radio show for the BBC in Northern Ireland and finally joined RTE in 1992.


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