Wedding Anniversary

By Sarah O’Brien

My sisters house,

the kitchen sink,

the hearts that hurt like hell,

the joy we shared,

held much stronger,

the storms, we weather still.

The fish and chips,

the dripping paper,

our laughter ringing true,

And I will always remember the look we shared,

the day that  I wed you.

30 years on,

I am grateful,

for the sacrifices you have paid,

work boots – dinner on the table

A great husband you have made.

You took my hand in Surrey

and proclaimed to all who’d hear,

that the man with the painted cars,

was the luckiest it would appear.

The children we have been blessed with,

I owe so much to you,

for being the greatest father,

for always coming through.

The early days in our first house,

we painted, fought and cried,

Lessons learned,

Love remembered,

People passing through.

On this day in the coldest of weathers,

I wanted to tell to you,

The love we share,

The memories we treasure,

Will forever, remain true.

I end this poem,

on a note of love,

as your children speak to you,

distance- real or imagined,

wields no power over you.

Jigsaw pieces law upon the floor,

the puzzle not quite complete,

but a winner’s heart is never burdened

because they never accept defeat.

The tale has not finished,

there’s still so much to do,

hugs, kisses that haven’t been given,

weekend drives to Killaloe.

And maybe if we’re lucky,

 the warm sands of Waikiki beach,

will curl around our fingers,

like Elvis in Blue Hawaii 2.

To the greatest people I have known,

congratulations are due,

On your 30th Wedding Anniversary

and a love that’s wise and true.

February 1985

February 1985


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