You carried her case

By Sarah O’Brien

If only you knew,

The memories it weighed,

Every line and groove,

Carefully sequestered away.

Smooth curls once bounced,

Bright lips parted so infrequent,

Stories etched across her skin,

And a Pillar box hat to hold the secret.

She stood at the station,

Unseen, unheard,

Forever & always,

A young-old girl,

You carried her case,

No thought in your gesture,

An act of kindness,

So simple a vesture.

From a far I watched,

You helped her down,

No loud flashes or lights,

No crowds in maelstrom.

The ticking clock,

Aids years in their number,

Oh stranger I want to thank you,

For so much you’ve given me,

That one simple act of kindness,

Restored my faith in humanity,


    You carried her case.


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