Dupe Alert! Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara-a smash hit wonder or a back of the drawer Betty?

By Sarah O’Brien

First let’s be real. Drug store mascara’s are usually every bit as good as their high end counterparts (if not better), so to say that I’m surprised that I liked Maybelline’s Lash Sensational would be an out and out lie. Maybelline knows mascaras, offering some of the best at affordable prices and the Lash Sensational is nay different.  The LS’s curved plastic wand offers lift, curl and separation. The idea being that you use the shorter bristled side of the brush to grab the base of the lashes, flipping the brush over to comb through the lashes. Sound familiar anyone?

Benefit’s latest offering, Roller Lash, promises the very same thing, with a very similar ‘hook and roll’ wand. So onto the formula-how do they compare? I haven’t bought the Roller Lash, but for comparative purposes I perused Maybelline’s website and read customer feedback. People like Roller Lash, the first, second, third time they use it but soon find it becomes dry, clumpy and difficult to remove.

Now Benefit mascara’s have a huge cult following and it all comes down to individual taste at the end of the day. How much clump a girl enjoys is her own business (I secretly came to like Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’, which can be clump central, many weeks after proclaiming to despise it!) so absolutely try them for yourself in BT’s. But I digress, on with the review!

The shape of the Lash Sensational’s wand is what it’s all about. The plastic bristles catching each and every tiny lash in a way that some traditional mascara’s miss. The effect is beautiful fanned out lashes, elongated and thick and for those of you who dread hard to take off mascara’s (Ahem, looking at you Benefit ‘they’re Real’!), Maybelline’s LS is a breeze to take off. I find using a Micellar cleanser/cold cream (or if you’re feeling really lazy, wipes) and some cotton rounds works perfectly.

The few criticisms I have are kinda negated by the fabulous mascara wand design to be honest. I do think the Lash Sensational can get clumpy-ish after several coats. (Which to be fair this reviewer means many many coats, which were of course for your benefit only and not because I’m a makeup fiend with a desire to see how big I can make my lashes!) Two coats is perfecto for me and maybe even one if you’re someone who’s a little hesitant about wearing a full face of makeup at work. A little goes a long way with this one.

The other criticism isn’t even really a criticism let’s get real. I have one love and one HG mascara. My Holy Grail mascara has still gotta be the Loreal Million Lashes mascara which is just beautiful but, as Kathleen Lights would say, “das expensive”. L’Oréal’s offering comes in at just under €20 smackeroons, which is at the mid to high end price range of mascara.

None the less, Maybelline’s Lash Sensational is great, I really like it and probably would repurchase. The LS mascara retails for a reasonable €11.99 and is currently on 3 for 2 in Boots. Watch out for those offers people and take full advantage.


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