Creamy Cashew and Carrot Stew

I know it might sound cracked to any non-vegans out there, but following a plant-based diet does NOT mean restricting yourself or only eating salad *pinky promise*. You can actually eat an abundance of all kinds of crazy colourful foods and find plenty alternatives for the ones you already know and love.

Even if you’re just interested in having a #MeatlessMonday and want to introduce new foods into your family’s diets, this recipe will satiate the hungriest of bellies and might encourage them to try more vegan dishes!

This creamy cashew and carrot dish was particularly hearty and would be perfect on a winter’s evening, but there’s no dairy or meat in it so it’s light enough for a spring/summer meal too. This recipe can be thrown together in less than 15 mins (prep time), so it’s the perfect way to get healthy good food into your diet without all the fuss.Cashew and carrot stew

This is what you’ll need: 2 small potatoes, 3 tomatoes, 3 medium sized carrots, 1 medium sized onion 2 bell peppers (green and yellow), 2 tsp paprika, 2 tsp garlic powder, 70g raw cashew nuts, 4 cups of water, extra virgin olive oil.

Step 1: wash and prepare all your vegetable, peeling the skin from both the carrots, onion and potatoes

Step 2: De-seed the bell peppers and cut them and the carrots and potatoes into thick chunks. Finely chop your onion.

Step 3: Throw your cashew nuts and roughly chopped tomatoes into the blender with 4 cups of water and blend until smooth. Your mixture will look really watery at this stage and that’s fine, the heat will cause the mixture to thicken later.

Step 4: Put a the tiniest amount of extra virgin olive oil into a pan over a low heat and sauté the onion for approximately 5 mins. Once the onion has browned slightly throw in the rest of your vegetable including potatoes.

Step 5: Pour in your cashew and tomato mixture, turning the heat up to medium and stir. The potatoes and carrots will take the longest time to cook so it’s important to make sure that they’re fully submersed in the mixture. Add in your paprika, garlic or favourite spices and stir regularly.

Step 6: Once the cashew mixture heats up it will turn into this gorgeous creamy sauce. Give it approx 30 mins over a medium-high heat and you should be ready to serve.

Total calories: 1040.17        Serves: 2

This result is a super easy and delicious meal that’s quick to make and very filling, let me know in the comments if you end up recreating this recipe or tag me on instagram.




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