Cultured meat to close slaughter houses?

By Sarah O’Brien

Supermeat, an Israeli company helmed by world famous biomedical engineer Yaakov Nahmias, is paving the way toward the mass production of laboratory grown meat.

If successful, this cultured meat, or in-vitro meat as it’s commonly called, could massively reduce animal suffering and negate the negative impacts traditional farming has on the environment.

The start-up, who launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to help them achieve this vision, have already surpassed their goal of $120k but say they’ll need more to be able to launch a meat machine prototype.

This new super meat is estimated to use up to 99% less land space, emits 96 % less greenhouse gases and 96% less water, than traditional farming.

To create this cruelty-free meat, a biopsy must be performed on the animal, taking a small tissue sample from which they use to grow and duplicate more cells in a ‘nutrient soup’.

Following that, the cells will form into miniscule issue in an environment that perfectly mimics an animal’s physiology. The end result- real meat that tastes and feels just like it should, without any animal suffering.

So successful is the Super Meat campaign that is has been endorsed by the wider vegan community with famous activists Freelee the Banana Girl and Gary Yourofsky espousing their support.

Freelee, well known for her controversial 30 bananas a day diet and Raw Till 4 lifestyle, said: “the potential for saving animal’s lives is huge”.

According to the Vegan Society, there are more than half a million vegans living in Britain (the number in Ireland is as of yet unknown), which has grown by a whopping 360% over the last ten years.


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