Limerick responds to growing appetite for vegan and vegetarian menus

As Limerick responds to the growing appetite for vegan and vegetarian menu options, Limerick Voice reporter Sarah O’Brien explores what’s on offer in the Treaty city.

Veganism, a lifestyle promoting compassionate living but long dismissed as the preserve of crunchy counterculture hippies, is in vogue according to a new survey.

The latest figures from the Vegan Society show that veganism has grown by a whopping 360 percent in Britain over the past 10 years.

Of that figure almost half are between the ages of 15-42 with most dwelling in urban areas. Though there are no official stats for Ireland as of yet, if Britain’s are anything to go by, consumer demand is there and it’s growing at a phenomenal pace. Continue reading

Actor turned restaurateur to open vegan-friendly establishment in Limerick

By Sarah O’Brien

LIMERICK actor Kevin Kiely Jnr. is set to open a new vegan and vegetarian restaurant in his home town this December.

The Old Fire Station Restaurant, located at 35 Thomas Street, is to become an alternative “chill-out space” to Limerick’s pub and nightclub scene.

The restaurant, named after the old fire station, is currently undergoing renovations and its owners estimate it will seat close to 50 people.

Speaking about the opening, the actor told the Limerick Voice: “Everyone will be welcome at the restaurant, we’ll be offering a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere where people can come to chat, have a coffee and play a bit of piano if they wish.” Continue reading

Cultured meat to close slaughter houses?

By Sarah O’Brien

Supermeat, an Israeli company helmed by world famous biomedical engineer Yaakov Nahmias, is paving the way toward the mass production of laboratory grown meat.

If successful, this cultured meat, or in-vitro meat as it’s commonly called, could massively reduce animal suffering and negate the negative impacts traditional farming has on the environment.

The start-up, who launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to help them achieve this vision, have already surpassed their goal of $120k but say they’ll need more to be able to launch a meat machine prototype. Continue reading

Spaghetti Bolognese (Vegan style!)

By Sarah O’Brien

Is there anything better than spaghetti bolognese-I think not! Deliciously rich tomato sauce is the key to emulating this famous Italian dish, and if you can cut the added sugar by making your own, well why wouldn’t you?

Spagbol, as it shall hereunder be affectionately called, is one of the first recipes I ever mastered in the kitchen. Now I’m by no means a chef, but I like to experiment with food by putting my own twist on classic dishes.

I’m definitely a bit of a dash of this, pinch of that kinda gal and can never quite stick to the recipe *we’re peas in a pod mom*. But that’s exactly why I love spagbol and all its wonderful variations, it always tastes good no matter what combination of veggies you use. Continue reading

Creamy cashew and carrot stew

I know it might sound cracked to any non-vegans out there, but following a plant-based diet does NOT mean restricting yourself or only eating salad *pinky promise*. You can actually eat an abundance of all kinds of crazy colourful foods and find plenty alternatives for the ones you already know and love.

Even if you’re just interested in having a #MeatlessMonday and want to introduce new foods into your family’s diets, this recipe will satiate the hungriest of bellies and might encourage them to try more vegan dishes!

This creamy cashew and carrot dish was particularly hearty and would be perfect on a winter’s evening, but there’s no dairy or meat in it so it’s light enough for a spring/summer meal too. This recipe can be thrown together in less than 15 mins (prep time), so it’s the perfect way to get healthy good food into your diet without all the fuss. Continue reading

My journey to a plant-based diet

By Sarah O’Brien

Four years (and several blog title changes later!), has seen the theme of this blog grow and shift dramatically. I’ve featured everything from poetry to news articles and my latest endeavour – Sam’s story *shameless plug*. I’m on a journey of sorts, of personal discovery, one where I try and figure out how to survive being 23. I’m continuously trying to figure out how to balance my professional goals with my interests and passions. Anything to keep my fingers typing and my brain sharp is the goal really. In short, to keep on writing. Continue reading