Actor turned restaurateur to open vegan-friendly establishment in Limerick

By Sarah O’Brien

LIMERICK actor Kevin Kiely Jnr. is set to open a new vegan and vegetarian restaurant in his home town this December.

The Old Fire Station Restaurant, located at 35 Thomas Street, is to become an alternative “chill-out space” to Limerick’s pub and nightclub scene.

The restaurant, named after the old fire station, is currently undergoing renovations and its owners estimate it will seat close to 50 people.

Speaking about the opening, the actor told the Limerick Voice: “Everyone will be welcome at the restaurant, we’ll be offering a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere where people can come to chat, have a coffee and play a bit of piano if they wish.” Continue reading

Richard Harris Film Festival has helped rebrand Limerick says TD Tom Neville

Bressie calls to move mental health awareness into action

Multi-platinum selling musician Niall Breslin (Bressie) delivered a keynote speech on mental health fitness and well-being at the Castletroy Park Hotel yesterday.

The ex-Blizzards frontman spoke to over four hundred attendees and emphasised the need for mindfulness training in schools for children as young as 12.

The point of this being to provide them with “emotional scaffolding” and support to cope with the pressures of modern day life.

“Our brains can no longer sustain the modern world. It’s far too fast and too chaotic,” he said. Continue reading


By Sarah O’Brien


Wading through.

Realization-taking in.

Sacrifice-willing again.

Forgetting-how it feels.

Beginning- it all again.

Life around the neck.

Pulling-for air it’s said.

Grasping-to make it new.

Reliving it all again.

Study Smart: Time Management Tips for Uni Students

By Sarah O’Brien  

Your time is valuable and knowing how to manage it effectively is one of most crucial skills you’ll learn at college. Good time management skills are vital to reducing and managing things like exam stress, while maximising productivity and efficiency. Remember the goal here is to work smarter not harder.

Between lectures, readings and sneaky mid-term deadlines, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work to be done. Stepping back from the situation, so that you might gain a bit of perspective, can work wonders for stress alleviation. A good night’s sleep never went astray either-sometimes all that’s needed is 8 hours rest to recharge the old batteries.

If after that you’re still feeling suffocated by your workload, you’re probably in need of a time management boot camp. With that in mind, here are 5 ways you can maximise your time while still allowing for the occasional Netflix Binge. Continue reading

College Dating on a Budget

By Sarah O’Brien

Nothing screams “I’m a broke student” quite like handing your crush wilted Aldi flowers outside a coffee shop. We get it, you’re young, searching for love (or at least a shift) and your part-time job won’t allow for anything resembling extravagance. Not to worry, here’s how to do college dating on the cheap. Remember love doesn’t have to hurt…your pocket.

Bake together

Couples who bake together stay together so say us. Not only is baking is a super fun and cost effective way to keep the date night spend at a minimum, it’s also a brilliant rainy day activity. Start from scratch with an easy cupcake recipe or break out your Betty Crocker mix and get cracking in the kitchen. A ‘Death by Chocolate’ cake never hurt anybody. So get your Martha Stewart on and whip up some confectionary delights. The only thing you’ll be fighting over is who gets to lick the spoon! Continue reading

Things to Remember When It All Goes Wrong

By Sarah O’Brien

Whether you’re a first year grappling with timetables or a fourth year staring down the barrel of an FYP, college life inevitably goes a little south from time to time. When that happens it’s crucial to have coping strategies on hand to help you navigate the difficult times writes Sarah O’Brien.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, it’s important to know you’re not alone. Talking through classwork, study strategies and deadlines with your peers or lecturers can really help clarify things at college. A burden shared is a burden halved after all. You’ll quickly find that behemoth sociology essay you’ve been struggling with is doing everyone else’s head in too-so you’re in good company.

Final year students in particular, who’ve been subjected to ill-fated tales of thesis submissions, are liable to experience anxiety. The word QCA becomes the term du jour whispered in a grave fashion outside lecture halls, while classmates, whose attendance was previously so infrequent, are now the first bums on seats in lectures. Every week is a golden week and students now cling to each other for solidarity. Continue reading