The Psychology behind Emotional Branding

By Sarah O’Brien

Emotional branding taps into peoples’ dreams, emotions and desires. It fuels aspirational attainment; the need for the next big thing, the thing that will make your life better, make you better. The pursuit and purchase of commodities, like the new iPhone, lipstick, or car, drives us. The very thought of possessing these items evokes strong emotions, delivering a rush of dopamine straight to the brain.

Marketeers that understand and engage with these aspirations, egos and emotions understand the psychology behind emotional branding. They utilize connection and emotion to leverage certain brands and products, and they do it so subtly you won’t even know you’re being bought and sold a lie.  Continue reading


Freshers’ Week Etiquette: Here’s What You Need to Know

By Sarah O’Brien

With Freshers’ week just around the corner, you’re bound to be experiencing a heady rush of excitement and nerves…

For many orientation week marks the first time students will have lived away from home and with that comes a sense of new-found freedom. Between parties, budgeting and making new friends it can all get a bit much. So, with that in mind, here are the 4 most important things to ensure you get the most out of your Fresher’s week.

Balance that budget:

One of the biggest mistakes students make during Freshers’ Week is forgetting to budget for all the costly jelly shots and takeaways they’ll likely be consuming. So to ensure you keep on having a good time, figure out a budget, set aside money for groceries, bills, rent and transport before deciding how many fresher’s week events you can realistically afford to attend.

A helpful way of saving and managing your money during the first few weeks of college, is by opening a student bank account. Shop around and you’ll find many banks offer handy little perks. AIB’s Student Plus Account for example, offers students 20% off for the college year, as well as interest free student overdrafts. Handy for when you’re waiting on the next student grant instalment and you’re short on cash for little essentials like toilet paper and pizza! Continue reading